Topic Location Date
Mastering Phase I Treatment - WPSO Meeting Pittsburgh, PA February 21
Bonded Lingual Retainers - North Atlantic Angle Meeting Naples, FL April 24
Building your Lingual Practice - ALOA Meeting Philadelphia, PA May 3
Mastering Phase I Treatment - OrthoVoice Symposium Las Vegas, NV September 21
Increasing Efficiency with Invisalign - Kravitz Orthodontics South Riding, VA October 6
Improving the Patient Experience with TADs - Tomas Symposium Las Vegas, NV November 8
Webinar, Building your Lingual Practice - Kravitz Orthodontics South Riding, VA December 6



Topic Location Date
Taming the beast: steps to controlling your schedule-Dolphin Users Meeting Chicago, IL March 7
Class 2 correction with Lingual Braces - ALOA Meeting New Orleans, LA April 25
5 Must Have Techniques for Lingual Treatment - AAO Meeting New Orleans, LA April 27
Early Interceptive Care of Ectopic Teeth-OrthoVoice Meeting Las Vegas, NV September 20
Compound Topical Anesthesia - World Implant Congress Anaheim, CA October 2
I am irreplaceable: 10 steps toward becoming elite - PCSO Meeting Anaheim, CA October  6
I am irreplaceable: 10 steps toward becoming elite - SAO Meeting Nassau, BS October  10
Lecture to be announced-SDSO Meeting San Diego, CA November 21



Topic Location Date
Lecture Topic TBD-HSO Meeting Honolulu, HI March 12-16
Interceptive Early Treatment and Adult Orthodontic  Care -Dr. Gorman Study Club Centreville, VA April 5
Lecture Topic TBD-AAO Meeting San Francisco, CA May 18-20
Advancements in Orthodontics - PCSO Meeting Palm Springs, CA October 22-25


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