Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to Kravitz Orthodontics! When you visit our office, you will immediately see a unique atmosphere. Our friendly front office staff will welcome you with a warm smile and "hello!", you will meet our kind back office staff as you begin your appointment and even catch up with Dr. Kravitz as he sits down to work on your beautiful smile. We take pride in what we do here at our office, making sure that the care we provide to you is the highest of quality. If you live in Northern Virginia, it is quite possible that you have heard of the fantastic work that Dr. Kravitz does or even how involved our team is within the community. We have created this blog just for YOU-our patients, our friends. This blog will be your access to what exactly we do in the community that makes us so great! We ask that if you have children who attend any of the schools featured, or if you attend any of the events that we sponsor, that you share your fun experiences with us! We'd love to hear from you! Kravitz Orthodontics is continually supporting our community and our team looks forward to seeing you soon!

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