If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

“In a time when service often appears to be an afterthought, Dr. Kravitz and his team have set the standard for orthodontic care. After the outstanding treatment our first child received from Dr. Kravitz, there was little doubt that our second child, with different orthodontic challenges, would also become one of Dr. Kravitz's patients. And while we hope the third time is a charm, we take solace in the knowledge that Dr. Kravitz and his team are available to us yet again if expert orthodontic care is needed for our youngest.” – The Morse Family, South Riding

“Dr. Kravitz and his team have given us exceptional care and service. Dr. K goes out of his way to provide extra touches that make a difference. Whether it's a personal call back from Dr. K to get a question answered, or meeting us after hours for an emergency, or taking interest in the kid's activities, Dr. K lets his patients know that he cares! Customer service at Kravitz Orthodontics is top notch, and reaches far beyond the office visit! We are so happy to have selected Dr. Kravitz for our kids!” – The Doyle Family, South Riding

“Dr. Kravitz and staff are like our extended family. Whenever you walk into the office you are greeted by name and with a warm smile. The care given to our daughter is off the charts. Dr. K and staff are always available for questions, helpful advice or for those little emergencies. If you need it, they're there for you. It's not just about the business; it truly is about the patient. We wouldn't go anywhere else.” – Kerns Family, South Riding

“There are endless ways that Dr. Kravitz has made positive impacts in our family's life. As an orthodontist, he is the truly the epitome of professionalism, service, availability, and caring. His infectious and warm energy make every visit a pleasant experience. Everyone in the office makes you feel like family. Outside of the office, he is a tremendous supporter of all things in our community. He gives his time and money to local schools, league sports, athletic programs, and charitable causes endlessly, and with the same passion he gives to his work. He is truly a hero in South Riding! We are very proud to call Dr. Kravitz our doctor and our friend!” – Sarah and Danny Lichter, South Riding

 “Dr. Kravitz is always gentle and his office is fun. – Garrett, age ten, Stone Ridge

“Dr. Kravitz is very positive when you are getting your treatment. His staff is nice and always makes me laugh.” – Kayla, age 12, Stone Ridge

 ‘We appreciate Dr. Kravitz' office for the wonderful treatment he and his staff have provided our children. Appointments are convenient and the office always makes time for us when a bracket comes loose or something feels uncomfortable with the braces. Our child's speech was drastically improved with treatment, as Dr. Kravitz had promised. Dr. Kravitz has supported sports teams, school functions, and helped many of our friends' families. The office was able to provide several payment options to help us budget for two children needing treatment. We are happy to recommend his services to anyone looking for orthodontic treatment.” – Brundick Family, Stone Ridge

I had straight teeth as a teenager, but when I got into my 20’s and early 30’s, my teeth started to crowd significantly. I wanted straighter teeth for cosmetic reasons, but only started to really consider Invisalign® when my dentist suggested it for my overall health. As a mom of young kids, it is not easy for me to justify spending money on myself, but Kravitz Orthodontics made it affordable. There are no surprise fees or hidden extra costs and their pricing is much more reasonable than other orthodontists in the area. I also appreciate that they run their office on-time so I very rarely wait even a few minutes. I sometimes have to bring my little ones with me to my appointments and everyone in the office has been welcoming, even putting on cartoons in the waiting room for us. The Invisalign process is easy and discreet. I'm getting great results and it hasn't made me feel like a teenager with braces. I am very happy with Invisalign and my choice to go to Kravitz Orthodontics.” – Kathy, Brambleton

“Dr. Kravitz and the entire team were simply amazing! They made me feel so special, like I was their only and most important patient. My smile is beautiful, I couldn't be any happier! I have referred all of my friends and family to Dr. Kravitz. He is truly one of a kind. He genuinely cares about his patients and their results. Thank you again! You have given me a great reason to smile!”

Our two daughters’ treatment has been an EXTREMELY successful experience. Our oldest daughter had huge problems including an overbite that was very significant and we had been told surgery as an adult was the only solution. Dr. Kravitz has now given her the MOST AMAZING smile (and confidence) in only 18 months of treatment. There are no crazy charges. He has stuck to the original price, even though we have had 'additional' appliances and visits. From talking to other parents I believe this is very unique. His staff is awesome and goes out of their way to accommodate the craziest of schedules. His office is amazing!

“I am a local pediatrician so I have high expectations. My daughter needed orthodontic care and I turned to Dr. Kravitz, and I couldn't have asked for better care, service, and results. My daughter was very satisfied. She was treated with great care and individualized attention. She was out of her braces in no time and the results are great. She continues to get follow up care from Dr. K and staff. The overall experience was all I could want and more. Great office facility, great staff, availability. Being a healthcare professional myself, I know the importance of making the entire experience pleasant and I couldn't have been more satisfied. My compliments to Dr. K for creating a practice that meets and surpasses all expectations.”

“Dr. Kravitz and his staff are absolutely wonderful! From my initial consultation for braces to the completion of my treatment my experience with them has been perfect. They excel at creating a relationships and I never felt like "just another patient" to them. I was always kept informed on my progress and my pain and anxiety were very minimal. Most importantly they are PROMPT! I was never kept waiting past my appointment time. From the start, Dr. Kravitz made me aware of my options for treatment, voiced his opinion, and then gave me room to make my own decision without being judgmental. I opted for upper lingual braces and lower ceramic braces. Cost was comparable but Dr. Kravitz and his staff proved to be more than worth it! His knowledge and expertise in his field is impressive and comforting. Dr. Kravitz is, by far, the best dental expert I have ever been treated by! He has earned my complete trust and I highly recommend him to anyone (adult or child) requiring orthodontic work.” 

“Dr. Kravitz is one of the best doctors. He not only cares about your teeth but the whole person. I've never seen a doctor who tells their patients that they come first. I've had braces for TMJ and have completed my program, and my daughter is currently under his care for the same thing. I would not go to any other orthodontist. His team is extremely friendly and I greatly appreciate them for the great work that they do.”

“My son had braces done by Dr. Kravitz. Dr. K is the ultimate professional. He has a passion for his profession that is infectious and reassuring. My son was in great hands, and responded well to Dr. K's perfectionism. Best of all, he was never anxious about his appointments. His treatment was even completed early! Dr. K's staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, from the receptionists to the technicians. Dr. K definitely has his hand in all aspects of his practice and has very high standards. We are so fortunate to have such an outstanding orthodontist in South Riding. Lastly, Dr. K is a huge supporter of our South Riding community, schools, and youth organizations. The list of his contributions in this area is very long and much appreciated!”

“We absolutely love Dr. Kravitz and his team! My middle daughter has special orthodontic needs and he met them and far exceeds anything we could have imagined. He is extremely patient and understanding! We absolutely love him and we will have three girls all with him as our orthodontist!”

“What an incredible difference Dr. Kravitz has made in my children’s smiles! He has transformed not only their appearance, but their self confidence and I couldn’t be happier. My children were previously treated by two orthodontists at a different practice, both of whom were straightening the teeth but not addressing their fundamental, underlying problem of an overbite and overjet. Dr. Kravitz skillfully corrected the underlying issues with the aid of an appliance and braces. He did so quickly, artfully, and professionally. Dr. Kravitz is not only efficient and effective, but his enthusiasm and passion for the field of orthodontics is absolutely contagious. He took an active interest in my children and our family. His ability to relate to the kids made them more willing and responsive to the treatment and actually made our visits fun. Dr. Kravitz demonstrates a knowledge, skill, and professionalism I’ve not seen in previous practices. He consistently followed-up with me to ensure I was aware of our progress and as my oldest child neared completion, emailed me the before and after pictures, and the transformation was absolutely extraordinary! I firmly believe my children couldn’t get better care anywhere in the DC-Metropolitan area.”

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